Meet Jackson

Hello, my name is Jackson and I am 15 years old. I have AGS 7, a newer AGS mutation identified in July 2014. My symptoms began at around 18 months after I was already walking and talking. I started to have muscle weakness in my feet and it gradually got worse and spread up my legs to my trunk and head. From the time I was two years old until five years old, I continued to lose more motor skills and eventually ended up in a wheelchair. My case wasn't diagnosed until I was 13 years old. 

I love to play with my two younger sisters and younger brother...they make me laugh really hard! I really like to go to school where I play on the football team. I get to go into each game and score a touchdown! My favorite team is the Denver Broncos. l like to listen to books like Harry Potter and watch favorite one is Cars. 

I'm happy that my parents are working together with other AGS parents to fund research to identify treatments and possibly a cure for this autoimmune disease. Thank you!